About Us

Having grown up in Wandsworth, I have witnessed first hand the changes in our high streets. Gone are so many of the butchers, greengrocers, and gift shops. More and more the independently run shops with individuality have gone and been replaced by homogenous chain stores or estate agents. I grew up knowing so many shopkeepers and local traders; I was allowed from a young age to run round the corner with my pocket money, safe in the knowledge I knew the shopkeepers and they knew me.

The Indie Hub aims to become a local community platform to help support our independent shops, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty clinics and anybody else with a business venture around Wandsworth and Clapham. Many of our local shops sell so many of the products we buy on the Internet or in large department stores, often for the same price. We need to change our shopping habits and support our independents now before it is too late. We need an active change rather than complacency and regret when they have gone.

During our research, we have been to some wonderful restaurants serving amazing food at great prices but half empty, while a less appetising and more expensive chain restaurant next door is full to the brim. Buying a bottle of wine and having a chat with a knowledgeable wine merchant is much more satisfying than grabbing a bottle at the supermarket. Most of our businesses offer free delivery and you get the added bonus of an expert who cares and enjoys telling you about your product; they are the masters of what they do. I know we are all short of time, but changing our shopping and spending habits can be done. If you use a butcher only for special occasions you might find on your next special occasion it's not there anymore. According to FSB (Federation of Small Business) figures if every household in Wandsworth spent £10 at an independent business, rather than chain, it would inject an extra 15.6m/year back in to the local economy. And that’s only in one borough! Small changes can have a big impact on the local economy.

The Indie Hub will provide weekly offers from local independent businesses that not only save you money but help support your high street. If you sign up for our weekly email, we will deliver to your mailbox one email a week with the latest offers and news from the area. Follow us on social media for more regular updates throughout the week.

But we do need your help! We want to create an online community so please spread the word, shop locally and contact us with any local stories for us to share or independent businesses you would like seen on the website. Let's have the most vibrant and interesting high streets in the UK!

Love it, don’t lose it!

Archie Fitzherbert