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Discover Pregnancy acupuncture with Caroline, acupuncturist midwife with a 25 minutes session.

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Are you expecting?
Why don't you treat yourself and your baby even before he/she is born?

Acupuncture is known to enhance the health of the mother-to-be and her baby.

Caroline will use one particular point called the "beautiful baby point", which should be needled three times during pregnancy to ensure a happy, healthy, and of course, gorgeous baby.

This point prevents from miscarriage and helps to calm the mind, relieve anxiety and help to build blood.
It is claimed that "stimulating this point minimizes the transmission of toxins from the mother to the child, increases the health of the baby and its resistance to disease and also tonifies the mother's Qi (energy)."
It is also said “to produce a child with particularly luminous complexion who would sleep at night, laugh in the daytime”.

£30 per session

(Disclaimer: Please be aware that this session is not a curative treatment)

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Make me feel is a global healthcare and consultation boutique.
This is a unique concept store inspired by the French parapharmacie, proposing the highest standards of customer service, advice and products.

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Phone: 0208 6751207

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Monday-Tuesday-Friday: 9am-18.30pm
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Sunday: 11am-15pm

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