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Goldmundo Shiatsu Therapy

Thurleigh Court, Nightingale Ln, London SW12 8AP, UK

Shiatsu Massage at home for Couples (1 hour each)

£60.00 £100.00
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Imagine a cold evening outside. Imagine you worked hard all day and your back need some care and rest. Imagine your partner feels exactly the same. Now imagine a Shiatsu therapist coming to your place, treating you and your partner with calming and soothing Shiatsu and leave you to enjoy the results in the comfort of your home. Ah.. I imagine all of this with only £60 for both as a treat to try the benefit of Shiatsu.

Call Goldmundo at 0753 0160440 or email [email protected] Visit and quote The Indie Hub

Goldmundo is a fully qualified and Insured Shiatsu Therapist based in Nightingale Lane. He specializes in visiting clients at their home. So you can enjoy the Shiatsu experience and then keep relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage done through clothing and it is perfect remedy to stress or to improve such conditions as stomach pains, back aches and anxiety issues, just to name a few.

Goldmundo also treats a lot of pregnant women during the last stage of pregnancy, elderly people, and people who suffer tension-induced back pain.

Monday to Saturday 8am to 8 Pm

To book and enquiries: 0753 0160440

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