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49 East Hill, London SW18 2QE, UK

Milkhouse Candles Terrariums

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Terrariums made of Milkhouse Candles recycled jars, all they need is some love and water once a week.
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Since we opened our store in Crystal Palace back in 2011. The love from the local community is the proof of our tremendous success story. On the strength of this, on Christmas 2015 we have opened our second Milkhouse Candles shop in Wandsworth, London. The store is in a prime location on historical East Hill.

Milkhouse is steadily gaining love from consumers worldwide for producing the cleanest burning candle on the market. You won’t find any artificial colour in our candles, nor will you find any lead in our wicks.

Beeswax enhances fragrance throw, increases burn time, and literally cleans the air in your home as it burns! The Milkhouse blend of waxes is simple: pure beeswax and natural soy wax farmed in the America’s upper Midwest. From the very beginning, Milkhouse Candles has been on a mission to prove that soy wax is the healthy alternative to paraffin wax, a derivative of petroleum. Lab tests have shown that paraffin candles emit harmful chemicals as they burn, but it’s only recently has the public become more conscious of this fact. Milkhouse’s mission to spread the soy message is helping revolutionise the way people think about health and sustainability with each candle they light.

Our selection ranges from floral, earthy, fruity scents. Some of the candles are inspired by classic recipes found in a homey kitchen, such as Apple strudel and Gingerbread Pumpkin to name a few. We also have a special festive selection including: Tis the season, Victorian Christmas and Scotch Pine, which really brings the festive season into your home.

We’ve attracted a great deal of interest and curiosity from the candle lovers all over the world. browse our website to read the reviews.

Lets make a toast: Here’s to success in spreading the love and making this world a healthier place as we burn one candle at a time.

12:00-19:00 (Tue-Fri)
10:30-18:30 (Saturday)
10:30-16:30 (Sunday)

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