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Molecular Gastronomy (II): textures | Experiment With New Ingredients

Only 3 weeks to go - Ends 17/04/2018

Molecular Gastronomy blends physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures of food. The result? New and innovative dining experiences.

In this tapas dinner workshop you will learn how to experiment with new ingredients, such as: xanthan gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan, agar-agar, methylcellulose or lecithin, to transform the textures of ordinary food into a more creative one.

Learn how to make airs, foams, hot and cold gels, without missing any flavor. Once you've mastered these, go and create your own ‘molecular tapas‘- simples!

You also will receive a Span-glish recipe to master your Spanish while cooking. Love challenges!

Menu includes: appetisers, 2 large portion tapas*, dessert and BYOB

Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free.

*Tapas menu changes every month

Pencil & Fork provides learning experiences through food. A totally out of the box way of learning under the motto: learn, eat, enjoy and socialise.

My name is David Sanchez, I am the founder of Pencil & Fork. I have twenty years of experience in developing and providing training. I have been working in Madrid, Chicago, Chile, Bordeaux and London.

I have a master’s degree in Chemistry from Salamanca University and Certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking, so in our courses you will not only learn the HOW you will also learn the WHY.



evening from 7 to 9 pm
afternoon from 12 to 2pm

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